Sunday Showdown: Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills — A Game of Playoff Implications and Betting Thrills with Huddle’s Unmatched Uptime

January 5, 2024

Sunday Showdown: Miami Dolphins vs. Buffalo Bills — A Game of Playoff Implications and Betting Thrills with Huddle’s Unmatched Uptime

Jake Take's is back with Jake Moszkowski's Pre-Game Analysis of the SNF Affair between the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills.

The Miami Dolphins take on the Buffalo Bills in an absolutely marquee matchup to effectively close the regular season of the 2023-2024 NFL season. Buffalo is currently a 3-point favorite over the Miami Dolphins, checking in at -160 versus the Dolphins +135. This game has huge ramifications for the playoffs. The Dolphins are already in, but winning this game gives them the AFC’s 2-seed. For the Bills, winning gets them into the playoffs, wins them the AFC East, and also gets them the 2-seed.

Unlike the Dolphins, who have already clinched a playoff spot, the Bills could potentially miss the playoffs by losing. A loss to the Dolphins knocks them to the 6th seed. A win by the Steelers (who play the Ravens, having already locked up the 1-seed in the AFC) would knock the Bills to the 7th seed. Anything other than a tie in the Colts versus Texans game knocks the Bills straight out of the playoff race. 

Like I said – marquee matchup. 

The Dolphins are 7-1 at home this season, but they’ve only beaten one team with a winning record (Dallas) and just got absolutely destroyed by the Baltimore Ravens (56-19) in Week 17. The Bills have won four straight games, beat the Dolphins by 28 points earlier this season, and might not make the playoffs if they lose this game. My money is on Buffalo, particularly with Miami possibly missing key contributors (Raheem Mostert, Jaylen Waddle) due to injuries. That doesn’t include star pass rushers Jaelen Phillips (torn Achilles) and Bradley Chubb (torn ACL) who are guaranteed to miss this matchup. 

From a bettor’s / sportsbook’s perspective, this game also has massive ramifications. Outside of the playoffs, you’d be hard-pressed to find many games that a major sportsbook should expect to create significant handle like this affair. There are many reasons for this. Florida is a recently legalized state for sports betting, and the Dolphins are currently the best team in the state in a crucial part of the season. New York (as a state) remains the top US state for sports betting handle, raking in over $16B in handle in 2023. 

Market leaders in North America typically anticipate an average handle of approximately $75 million during a primetime Sunday Night Football (SNF) game. That’s a lot of wagers. As games unfold, some sportsbooks also offer the opportunity to cash out early – which can be both helpful or detrimental to the book and the bettor. Some weeks, bettors do well – but most weeks, sportsbooks get the best of the result.

Check out Huddle performance during NFL Week 17 HERE!

So what does that have to do with the Dolphins v. Bills game? Market leaders, such as FanDuel and DraftKings, can expect upwards of $75M in handle alone for this matchup, and when it comes to the importance of uptime… well, very few companies do it as well as Huddle does. Uptime is absolutely paramount for bettors. Sportsbooks need to handle a massive influx of users placing bets simultaneously, which can put a significant strain on their platforms. The higher the uptime, the more confidence a sportsbook platform will have regarding accessibility, responsiveness and reliability – preventing issues like crashes or slowdowns that will hinder the user experience of the bettor. When it comes to sportsbook revenue, Huddle’s uptime basically guarantees constant delivery of odds and a maximum user experience. 

So what to expect for Sunday? The Dolphins taking on a division rival, the nemesis Buffalo Bills. A game with a must-win feel and Super Bowl aspirations on the line. A bettor’s dream, a regular season game expected to create quite a bit of sweat. Do you know the last time the Miami Dolphins won the AFC East? 2008 – ten years before PASPA would be repealed in the United States. 

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