Introducing Huddle’s Innovative Same Game Parlay Product

August 16, 2023

Introducing Huddle’s Innovative Same Game Parlay Product

The new NFL season is just around the corner, and with NBA following shortly, it's an exciting time for millions of bettors all over the US! We are thrilled to announce that our SGP product will be available for both leagues at the start of the season! Crafted in-house with our own cutting-edge proprietary algorithms, this product is purpose-built to fulfill the diverse needs of US-focused sportsbooks. So without further ado, here are five key functionalities we bring to the table. 

Huddle's SGP Key Features

Pre-Game and In-play Offering

The high flexibility of our SGP product begins with pre-game and in-play market offering. You can give your customers an opportunity to embrace the excitement of making predictions before the game starts or ride the adrenaline rush of live betting as the action unfolds in real-time. 

Unparalleled Uptime

Delivering an unparalleled customer experience is our top priority, and achieving exceptional uptime is at the core of our infrastructure design. Swift market unsuspension and continuous availability are critical elements that we prioritize to ensure seamless services for our users. 

To guarantee our market-leading uptime, we have implemented a range of robust measures, including redundancy in critical system components, high-end failover mechanisms, and intelligent load balancing. These efforts ensure that our systems remain resilient and capable of handling any unexpected challenges

Tailor Margins for Each Market Individually

Each operator has its own needs and goals they want to accomplish. That is why we want to offer our partners the ability to adjust margins based on those goals and needs. In other words, our margins are based on the parameters that you decide.

Our platform offers the flexibility to set up multiple margin curves, each tailored to the specific characteristics of different markets. You can customize the parameters for each curve, enabling precise adjustments based on market types. Once the parameters are defined, our SGP marginated prices are generated, taking into account the market's true probabilities and the configured parameters. 

Extensive Range of Market Coverage

Our Same Game Parlay product encompasses a wide spectrum of markets, including Core, Derivative, Micro, Player Proposition and Event Proposition markets.

Our SGP caters to an array of popular sports leagues such as NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, and NCAAF, offering an extensive range of betting options. Whether you're looking to engage with individual player performances, explore micro-events within the games, or focus on the core game dynamics, our SGP provides a seamless and all-encompassing experience.

What sets us apart is the versatility to combine elements from different sports and markets into a single, exciting Same-Game Parlay (SGP), allowing you to create unique and personalized betting strategies that match your preferences.

No Restraints on the Market Combination

In our SGP product, the possibilities for combining markets from the above are endless, with no limits or restrictions. Whether you want to merge player proposition markets with micro markets or combine game and player propositions with core markets, it's all within your reach. Pre-game player propositions, derivatives, and micro markets can seamlessly coexist without any issues. The only condition is that the given market type is available for the given competition. 

Countless combinations are at your disposal, and we've got you covered for every single one of them. Empower your customers with the freedom to create unique and exciting betting experiences that match their preferences and maximize their enjoyment.

Join the SGP Tidal Wave: Ride the Momentum as It Sweeps Across the US Market!

In a recent ESPN article, the significance of SGP wagers during last year's Super Bowl was highlighted, representing approximately 25% of bets taken by select operators. Additionally, the surge in SGP betting's popularity was evident, with nearly one-third of pre-game wagers taken by certain operators also being SGP bets for the same event.

Yet, these remarkable statistics merely scratch the surface, underscoring the escalating trend and immense allure of SGP betting in the US. The growing interest and active participation in SGP wagers continue to captivate sports enthusiasts and bettors alike, solidifying it as a betting phenomenon that shows no signs of waning. 

Embracing the excitement of SGP betting allows users to unlock a world of diverse possibilities and unique combinations, amplifying the thrill of sports betting to new heights. As the SGP wave continues to sweep across the US market, now is the perfect time to ride the tide. Let Huddle's SGP product be your surfing board providing you with the stability and technology that will help you emerge on top.