NBA Review: Huddle Sets the Standard on Pricing, Market Follows

June 30, 2023

NBA Review: Huddle Sets the Standard on Pricing, Market Follows

We're excited to share some valuable insights on Huddle's performance during the 2023 NBA Season , as well as our market making prowess and suspension reactivation NBA Playoffs. During the NBA Playoffs, we've managed to outperform our competitors with superior reactivation rates, which is a testament to our strong performance in the market.

Huddle understands the importance of maximising uptime for clients and has implemented appropriate internal controls to prioritise this objective. As a result, Huddle noted an increase in volume of 23% in 2023 for the entire NBA season. In addition, client hold percentages increased apx. 3.3% for the full NBA season.

Huddle leverages accurate data to address relevant inquiries, striking a balance between human judgement and automated control when necessary. This strategic approach aims to enhance volumes and margins for our clients.

Market Making: Huddle vs Market

Throughout the NBA Playoffs the market adjusted to fall in line with the Huddle price on over 53% of occasions where Huddle Pricing deviated from the market by more than 3%

This demonstrates Huddle's ability to shape the market and reinforces its strong pricing position. The data confirms that Huddle sets the pricing standard, with other market players following suit. Huddle's extensive market knowledge and dominance are the key factors driving its leadership in the industry.

These numbers are a testament to Huddle's product, showcasing the power of layering a trading team on top of reliable software, accurate data, and best-in-class models.

Suspension Reactivation: Huddle vs Market

For 62% of the suspensions Huddle made, Huddle reopened its lines for betting within  20 seconds, compared to the market average of only 54%. This surpasses the average rate in the market. What's more, our reactivation rates have consistently outperformed our competitors' rates for extended periods.

Huddle remains at the forefront of the industry when it comes to all major sports and competitions in the United States, retaining its position as a market-making leader. Our reactivation times surpass the market average, showcasing our expertise, state-of-the-art technology, and unwavering commitment to meeting our customers' needs. These exceptional results serve as a testament to our capabilities and dedication.