Huddle Revolutionizing Baseball Analytics: Adapting Models to MLB’s Ever-Evolving Game

May 26, 2023

Huddle Revolutionizing Baseball Analytics: Adapting Models to MLB’s Ever-Evolving Game

At a high level, Huddle’s approach revolves around continuously adapting and updating our models and products to keep pace with the ever-evolving nature of sports. In 2023, Major League Baseball (MLB) introduced a multitude of new rules that have significantly altered the game, and we have actively incorporated these changes into our systems.

One notable enhancement we have implemented is the dynamic adjustment for air pressure and the ball's estimated bounciness, also known as the coefficient of restitution. By accounting for these factors, our models can more accurately analyze and predict the trajectory and behavior of each pitch, offering a comprehensive understanding of its potential impact on the game.

Moreover, for our player-level model we have developed a sophisticated approach that captures the unique abilities and performance of each individual player, including relievers. We incorporated multiple inputs for the bullpen which results in more accurate outcomes. This granular level of analysis gives us a distinct advantage, especially when it comes to accurately pricing late-game scenarios. 

Additionally, our machine learning model rigorously evaluates the quality of every pitch thrown in a game. Through advanced algorithms and pattern recognition techniques, we can assess the effectiveness and potential outcomes of each pitch with a high degree of accuracy. This evaluation capability enables us to provide detailed insights into the performance of pitchers and guide strategic decisions based on objective data.

"Looking forward, we are actively working on refining our models to better account for the higher steal rates in the game. By integrating these improvements, we aim to provide our clients with more reliable and actionable information, empowering them to optimize their strategies" (Justin Zovas, VP of Trading at Huddle)

In summary, our commitment to adapting and updating our models in response to the evolving dynamics of the sport, incorporating new MLB rules, dynamically adjusting for various factors, capturing player-level abilities, evaluating pitch quality, and refining steal rate assumptions reflects our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance decision-making in the rapidly changing world of baseball.

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