NBA Conference Finals: Huddle Reveals Slam-Dunk Numbers

June 2, 2023

NBA Conference Finals: Huddle Reveals Slam-Dunk Numbers

The NBA Conference Finals of 2023 showcased remarkable growth in client hold percentage, increasing by an impressive 28.3% compared to the previous year. This outstanding accomplishment can be attributed, in part, to the collaboration between Huddle and Genius Sports. Powered by top-notch data and video feeds, Huddle's Trading Team proprietary expert models are maximising uptime for client operators. In an industry where every split second matters, the timely execution of crucial tasks is important, and Huddle consistently delivers the perfect line at precisely the right moment, every time.

Market Making: Huddle vs Market

The graph shows Huddle's profit if they used their model to bet instead of book during the NBA Conference Finals. Every dot on a line represents one $10 bet where Huddle's model was significantly different than market's price. For example, if Huddle placed a $10 bet every time the model had a greater than 2% difference with market, they would have profited $6,000 across all games during the Conference Finals.

Throughout NBA Conference Finals, the market adjusted to fall in line with the Huddle price on over 65% of occasions where Huddle Pricing deviated from the market by more than 3%

This shows that Huddle is exceptional at influencing the market and confirms its strong position in pricing. The data proves that Huddle sets the standard for pricing, and other operators in the market follow its example. Huddle's market knowledge and dominance are the main reasons why it has become a leader in the market.

Suspension Reactivation: Huddle vs Market

For 60% of the suspensions Huddle made, Huddle reopened its lines for betting within  15 seconds, compared to the market average of only 51%. This surpasses the average rate in the market. What's more, our reactivation rates have consistently outperformed our competitors' rates for extended periods.

When it comes to major sports and competitions in the United States, Huddle remains the top choice, offering faster reactivation times compared to the market average. These fantastic results show that we are experts in our field, using advanced technology and always striving to meet our customers' needs.

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