Zero Latency Podcast Sponsored By Huddle

March 19, 2024

Zero Latency Podcast Sponsored By Huddle

Zero Latency is the podcast from Eilers & Krejcik Gaming and Huddle is proud to be the sponsoring partner of the recent episode. Host Brad Allen is joined by former head of growth sports at Pinnacle, Matthew Trenhaile, to discuss:

  • What good trading actually is
  • How ESPN should build its trading function
  • Whether this time really is different for sports betting exchanges

In essence, the discussions revolve around the versatility of adapting to various trading strategies, the importance of localization, and the significance of differentiation within the market landscape. Huddle's infrastructure has been meticulously crafted to excel in all these aspects, showcasing its capability to not just accommodate but optimize each facet.

Huddle does not only provide exceptional pricing and trading capabilities but also support our customers with robust risk management tools and expertise. Huddle is truly an “all-in-one” service!

Matthew Trenhaile highlighted that there isn't a singular optimal method for trading with a bookmaker. He emphasized that trading strategies are influenced by numerous parameters, indicating the complexity and diversity inherent in this process.

Listen to the whole podcast below: