Zero Latency Podcast Presented By Huddle

March 25, 2024

Zero Latency Podcast Presented By Huddle

Zero Latency is the podcast from Eilers & Krejcik Gaming, and Huddle is delighted to present the latest episode. Host Brad Allen is joined by former PointsBet trader-turned-pro bettor 'Shipper' to discuss why sportsbooks need to prioritise trading.

Last week, the former head of growth sports at Pinnacle, Matthew Trenhaile discussed what good trading actually is and this week's Zero Latency continues on the topic.

As Shipper emphasized in the latest Zero Latency Podcast, achieving an impeccable customer experience relies on ensuring accurate pricing at all times. This entails avoiding suspensions, consistently having prices up, trading during the whole game, regularly providing cashout offers, and offering SGP in every conceivable combination. Ultimately, this underscores the importance of investing in trading operations to instill confidence in pricing strategies.

In Huddle, in addition to our core offerings, we also provide comprehensive Risk and Trading Operations services as part of our existing product portfolio. This means that we not only provide exceptional pricing and trading capabilities but also support our customers with robust risk management tools and expertise. Huddle is truly an “all-in-one” service!

Listen to the whole podcast below: