The Ultimate Goal For Any SGP Product Is To Have – The Full SGP Product

February 6, 2024

The Ultimate Goal For Any SGP Product Is To Have – The Full SGP Product

The ultimate goal for any SGP product is to have - The Full SGP Product. Where any market available on site can seamlessly integrate into the SGP, enabling live bets with cash-out options. This is precisely what Huddle provides.

Huddle SGP (Same-Game Parlay) product is a prime example of our foundational approach when building products - combining micros and player props into a seamless offering with features like void and push legs to enhance the bettor's experience.

Let’s say you’re building a same-game parlay with a specific player, but maybe that player doesn’t start or play that day. Our SGP product that we’ve built caters to void and push legs and do a price reduction for the bettor – versus just turning that into a lost bet. You don’t want the bet to die with something unfortunate like that. The bettor gets the satisfaction and gratification and maybe the player prop or micro marketing was the reason they placed the SGP in the first place. The last thing you want is an annoyed bettor reacting to us voiding their bet or marking it as a loss.

What sets us apart is the versatility to combine elements from different sports and markets into a single, exciting Same-Game Parlay (SGP), allowing you to create unique and personalized betting strategies that match your preferences. 

SGP accounted for approximately 50% of revenues at leading U.S. operators during the NFL games last weekend, and we anticipate a similar proportion for the Super Bowl, though revenue margins for a single game can fluctuate significantly, according to Eilers and Krejcik recent research.

SGPs will remain the primary focus for operators and customers alike, surpassing all other product areas.

Expected Superbowl numbers for this year are through the roof. According to Eilers and Krejcik recent data, estimate for total legal U.S. betting handle on Superbowl LVIII is $1.25 BN and 20%-25% is expected online handle that will be bet via Same Game Parlays.

Estimate for in-play wagering during Superbowl this year is estimated at 10%-15% according to EKG.

"In-play will eventually be the biggest revenue driver in the States. In the US, customers expect something different, especially when it comes to in-play - it will become much more engaging and much more dynamic" Francesco Borgosano, CEO at Huddle

Our Same Game Parlay product encompasses a wide spectrum of markets, including Core, Derivative, Micro, Player Proposition and Event Proposition markets. Huddle SGP caters to an array of popular sports leagues such as NHL, NBA, MLB, NFL, and NCAAF, offering an extensive range of betting options. Whether you're looking to engage with individual player performances, explore micro-events within the games, or focus on the core game dynamics, our SGP provides a seamless and all-encompassing experience. 

Huddle simplifies the process for operators, requiring just one commercial relationship and integration pathway for comprehensive market coverage. Without a consolidated solution, managing integration can become burdensome, resulting in potential complications and increased expenses - core value is a one-stop-shop market coverage.

The 2023-2024 NFL season is coming to a close, with the highly anticipated Super Bowl scheduled for this Sunday, where the last two teams will compete for the championship title.

What Huddle looks forward to the most is the increase in the number of players we will have player props for. We're looking to offer as many players as we can which is a bigger undertaking than your run-of-the-mill Sunday afternoon game where we typically only have the starters available. For this game, we're offering the backups too!

Join the SGP Tidal Wave!

In a last year's ESPN article, the significance of SGP wagers during last year's Super Bowl was highlighted, representing approximately 25% of bets taken by select operators. Additionally, the surge in SGP betting's popularity was evident, with nearly one-third of pre-game wagers taken by certain operators also being SGP bets for the same event.

Yet, these remarkable statistics merely scratch the surface, underscoring the escalating trend and immense allure of SGP betting in the US. The growing interest and active participation in SGP wagers continue to captivate sports enthusiasts and bettors alike, solidifying it as a betting phenomenon that shows no signs of waning.

Embracing the excitement of SGP betting allows users to unlock a world of diverse possibilities and unique combinations, amplifying the thrill of sports betting to new heights. As the SGP wave continues to sweep across the US market, now is the perfect time to ride the tide.

Stay tuned for this week's Jake's Takes as Jake Moszkowski delves into betting preview for the Superbowl as he highlights the comprehensive Huddle offerings available!