NFL Season At a Glance: Huddle Performance

February 20, 2024

NFL Season At a Glance: Huddle Performance

Welcome to the ultimate breakdown of Huddle's performance during the NFL season! As football fever swept the nation, we want to shine a spotlight on Huddle's performance during the entire NFL season: pricing, uptime, and suspension reactivation.

Uptime Performance during NFL season

Through the entirety of the season, Huddle's superior markets had on average a downtime of 11 minutes, while the market, on average, had a downtime of over 29 minutes.

Throughout the entirety of NFL season, Huddle proved, week after week that it has superior uptime performance when compared to market.

Having consistent high uptime performance is a game-changer for sportsbook operators. Every minute counts, especially during critical events like the Sunday's prime time games, playoffs and the highly anticipated Super Bowl.

A reliable infrastructure that Huddle offers, ensures that users can place bets, access real-time odds, and engage in live betting without disruptions, that way enhancing customer satisfaction and trust. The impact of higher uptime is magnified during the culmination of the NFL season. Final result: improving user experience and increasing overall revenue for a sportsbook.

If we translate our uptime minutes to dollars, it really puts things into perspective:

This 18-minute discrepancy during prime-time games could potentially boost a sportsbook's turnover by approximately $6.8 million per game, based on the average handle of a prime-time game of $75M. The cumulative impact over 21 weeks of Sunday NFL games would result in an estimated total additional turnover of about $142.76 million for an individual sportsbook.

During NFL Conference finals Huddle achieved an outstanding 66% suspension reactivation rate within just 15 seconds, which is significantly higher than the market average of 46%. Moreover, over longer periods, we consistently outperform our competitors with even higher reactivation rates.

Pricing Performance during NFL season

During the entire NFL season, Huddle's pricing differed from the market by over 3% in several instances, and, on average, in 65% of these cases, the market adjusted to align with Huddle's price. This outcome highlights Huddle's market-making ability and underlines its leading position in pricing.

Huddle stands out as a leader in pricing and uptime for both pre-match and in-play betting. We achieve this by combining a skilled trading team with advanced technology, ensuring our partners stay ahead of their competition.

We will be analyzing Huddle's trading and pricing performance weekly for both NBA and NCCAB throughout the season! Make sure to sign up to our newsletter in the container below to get this information delivered straight to your inbox.