NBA Finals Game 3: SGP Picks, Jake vs Huddle Trader

June 11, 2024

NBA Finals Game 3: SGP Picks, Jake vs Huddle Trader

We’re now two games into the 2024 NBA Finals and this is what we know.

Luka Doncic needs help. He’s been the Mavericks best player by leaps and bounds, and his teammates need to do more for the Mavericks to have any chance in Game 3. Luka has totaled 62 points, 21 rebounds and 12 assists through two games, shooting 24/47 from the field. His biggest issues have been from the free throw line (he’s only 6/13) and being careless with the basketball (12 turnovers). 

But the Mavericks have offered virtually no help on the offensive end for their transcendent superstar. Luka has hit eight three-pointers; the rest of the team has combined for only five. Kyrie Irving, who was tremendous for much of the series against Minnesota, has shot a combined 13/37, going 0-8 from long distance. That won’t cut it against Boston. He needs to be a dominant #2 for the Mavericks to succeed. 

To give credit to Boston, they have the right personnel and scheme to make life hell for the Mavericks. Their entire starting lineup (save for the aging Al Horford) routinely sniffs 40+ minutes per night. They have two of the best defensive guards in all of basketball in Jrue Holiday and Derrick White. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are lengthy, savvy forwards who can guard three positions with ease. And now Kristaps Porzingis is back in the mix, playing 20+ minutes per night as a defensive menace that the Mavericks don’t necessarily have an answer for on the offensive end.

Jake's Picks

As far as the H2H betting goes, I was painfully close to succeeding in Game 1. I got my picks right for Kyrie and Luka going under their projected points, and Derrick White going over. I was relying on Jayson Tatum, who, admittedly, has been pretty putrid on the offensive end this series so far. So I’m going to avoid him this time around. 

For starters, I’m taking the Mavericks. I’m sure some of you are scratching your heads right now, given all that I wrote above. I don’t care. Dallas is going to be rocking, and for the Mavericks to have any semblance of a chance to win this series, you can consider Game 3 a must-win. No team has ever come back from down 3-0. So I’m taking the Dallas moneyline. Next up? I think Jrue Holiday is going to keep producing for Boston. I’m taking him O12.5 points. For the Mavericks, this is going to be the breakout game for Kyrie Irving - O23.5 points. Luka is going to continue to produce - he’s going to lead both teams in points at the end of this series. I’m taking him O32.5 points. And lastly, I think that PJ Washington is going to continue to be sneakily good as a third option for Dallas, but this bet isn’t for scoring, it’s for rebounding. PJ O6.5 boards. 

Domagoj's Picks

The Mavericks missed the chance to fly back to Dallas with the home-court advantage in the NBA Finals. They had the opportunity to tie the series at 1-1 and put the heavily favored Boston Celtics in their toughest position of the season. Instead, they’re trailing 2-0, making their chances of a comeback much slimmer. After two games in the series, most questions are settled. The Mavericks don’t seem to have a new strategy to shift the momentum in their favor. 

If the Celtics win, despite shooting just 25.6 percent on three-pointers, we can likely expect Jaylen Brown to be named Finals MVP, either this Friday after Game 4 or Monday after Game 5 in Boston. 

My money's on the Celtics for tomorrow’s game. I’m picking Al Horford Over 1.5 assists in game 3 and Jayson Tatum Over 9.5 on Total Rebounds. Boston Celtics Exact Outcome of 1st Possession After Score 0-0 - I’ll give it 2 points.

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