Meet The Team: Q&A Session with Huddle’s VP of Business Development, Dylan Mitchard

March 29, 2024

Meet The Team: Q&A Session with Huddle’s VP of Business Development, Dylan Mitchard

In the newest edition of our 'Meet The Team' segment, we sat down with our VP of Business Development, Dylan Mitchard.

This article provides insights into Huddle's business development strategy, spotlighting the role of its VP of Business Development. We explore Huddle's unique offerings, forecast its evolution, and showcase a successful collaboration with our partners. Additionally, we discuss Huddle's approach to transparency, collaboration, and the Dylan's excitement for the company's future. Join us as we uncover the driving forces behind Huddle's success in sports betting technology.

Can you share a bit about your background and how you came to join Huddle as the VP of Business Development?
I embarked on my journey in the igaming/sports betting industry with Genius Sports back in 2017. There, my role involved strategically spearheading new business initiatives across Europe, encompassing the company's comprehensive suite of products such as Pricing, Streaming, and Risk Solutions. My tenure at Genius marked a crucial phase in my professional growth and comprehension of the sports betting landscape. It provided me with the opportunity to cultivate and expand my professional network, as well as gain a solid grasp of the significance of pricing, trading, and the operational challenges faced by operators of various sizes and operating in diverse jurisdictions. Whether it was closely collaborating with operators like Bet on Alfa in Cyprus to bolster InPlay revenues by enhancing their non-concurrent content offerings during off-peak hours or fostering confidence within the SuperBet team in Eastern Europe to diversify their supplier portfolio by forging their inaugural partnership with Genius Sports.

Subsequently, I transitioned from Genius to lead the Business Development team for the Virtual Sports division at Inspired Entertainment. Working under the mentorship of industry luminary Steve Rogers, I delved deeper into the dynamics of virtual sports, overseeing the commercial activities of a leading virtual sports product in the market. While RNG content plays a pivotal role in the iGaming ecosystem, particularly within Sports Betting, serving as a potent tool for cross-selling into the casino segment and boosting turnover during non-peak periods, my curiosity always gravitated towards Pricing, Trading, and Risk—the backbone of Sportsbook operations. This curiosity ultimately led me to Huddle, and when the opportunity presented itself, there was no hesitation on my part.

In the context of Huddle's mission and goals, how does the business development team contribute to the company's overall growth and success?

At the core of Huddle’s ethos lies the belief that there can never be a one-size-fits-all solution for operators. Each operator is unique, navigating vastly different jurisdictions, each with its own set of player betting behaviors, regulations, and challenges that impact revenue generation. Rather than positioning itself merely as a sports betting supplier, Huddle sees itself as a dedicated sports betting technology partner.
Huddle possesses the capability to customize product offerings for each operator, tailoring solutions on a channel-by-channel basis, whether that channel is defined by jurisdiction or digital/retail offerings. Our Business Development team serves as the frontline, playing a pivotal role in grasping the specific needs and desires of each of our partners. This understanding is integral to the product-market fit process, guiding Huddle's roadmap to ensure the delivery of solutions that effectively address operators' pain points, rather than simply offering what we believe the market might demand. Our partners have expressed genuine appreciation for this approach, with feedback consistently affirming that our bespoke and individualized approach is a breath of fresh air in the industry, significantly enhancing operators' ability to drive sportsbook revenues unlike any other provider.

What would you say are Huddle's unique selling propositions that set us apart from competitors in the market? How do you see this evolving in the next three to five years?

Huddle stands as the premier Pricing and Trading partner for US Sports, offering an unparalleled array of services. Our comprehensive suite covers the 'big 6' US leagues, encompassing core, derivative, player, and micro markets. Through a single integration pathway, operators can access all these offerings, alleviating the
burden of multiple integrations and commercial agreements with various suppliers. Moreover, our services boast unmatched pricing accuracy, superior uptime, and are supported by a rich history of market-making expertise.
In addition to our established offerings, we've recently unveiled our SGP product, setting a new standard for seamless experiences in the industry. With our SGP engine, there are no limits or restrictions. Whether it's InPlay or Prematch markets, including player propositions, derivatives, or micro markets, all can seamlessly coexist without any hitches.

Can you share an example of a successful collaboration or partnership that resulted in significant value creation for Huddle?

One of the most impactful collaborations for Huddle has been our partnership with Betr. Our startup's 'Jerry Maguire' approach, which prioritizes a select group of clients and products, perfectly aligns with Betr's vision. As a tech-first company, our synergy with Betr goes beyond a mere business deal; it's a shared enthusiasm for the potential we can unlock together. We are confident that collaborating with Betr will significantly accelerate the success and growth trajectories of both Huddle and Betr. Betr is poised to launch with the complete suite of Huddle products, including Pricing for Core, Derivative, Player, and Micro Markets, as well as Huddle’s Single Game Parlay Product and Trading and Risk Operations. This rollout is scheduled for late April of this year. We are thrilled at the prospect and have full confidence that our collaboration will be both disruptive and highly rewarding.

How does Huddle maintain transparency and trust throughout the partnership lifecycle, especially during due diligence and negotiation phases?

Huddle maintains transparency and trust throughout the partnership lifecycle by prioritizing open communication and honesty. During due diligence and negotiation phases, Huddle ensures clear and detailed discussions about its products and services, aligning with partners' needs and expectations. We emphasise integrity in all interactions, providing comprehensive information and addressing any concerns promptly. Additionally, Huddle leverages its track record of successful collaborations and industry expertise to instill confidence in potential partners. This commitment to transparency builds trust and fosters strong, long-lasting relationships, essential for mutual success in the competitive sports betting technology market.

Finally, what excites you the most about the future of Huddle and the role of business development in driving that future forward?

What excites me the most about the future of Huddle is the company's potential to continue innovating and shaping the sports betting technology landscape. With our unique offerings and strategic partnerships, there's immense opportunity for growth and expansion into new markets. As the VP of Business Development, I'm particularly thrilled about the pivotal role our team plays in driving this future forward. By fostering transparent, collaborative relationships and identifying tailored solutions for our partners, we're not only ensuring Huddle's success but also contributing to the advancement of the entire industry.

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