Introducing NFL Player Props: Q&A With Huddle CEO

December 8, 2023

Introducing NFL Player Props: Q&A With Huddle CEO

Elevating the NFL experience to new heights, Huddle has redefined the game with its innovative player prop markets that are here to elevate your NFL experience, offering an array of captivating betting opportunities that let you put your football knowledge to the test.

In an exclusive Q&A session, Jake Moszkowski delves into the dynamic world of Huddle's Player Props with Huddle's CEO Francesco Borgosano. Together, they explore the distinctive differentiators that set Huddle apart from competitors, the company's commitment to innovation and adaptability, and the unique features that make Huddle's Player Props a game-changer in the realm of sports betting.

Check out HERE what Huddle brings to the NFL season and our Player Props product key features

1. How does your new player prop offering differentiate itself in the market, and what unique features do you believe will attract users?

Player props draw significant action in the US and for that reason they have been a huge are of focus for our development team. Our player prop offering distinguishes itself in the market through three key features:

Props for any player: We believe in inclusivity, providing our users with the opportunity to engage with props for any player, not just the high-profile athletes. This ensures a diverse and comprehensive sports betting experience that caters to a wide range of interests.

Uptime: We understand the importance of a reliable and consistent experience. As such we, we pride ourselves on the high uptime of our player props, ensuring that users can enjoy a seamless and uninterrupted experience whenever they choose to place their bets.

Availability for Prematch and In-Play: Flexibility is key, and that's why we offer player props for both prematch and in-play. Whether users prefer strategic planning or the thrill of real-time decision-making, Huddle provides the flexibility to cater to different user preferences.

We take pride in our product and believe that our player props offering stands out through its inclusive player coverage, reliable uptime, and flexibility. These features collectively create a unique and engaging sports betting experience for the end users.

2. Can you elaborate on the research and analysis behind the player prop offerings, particularly in the NFL, to ensure accurate odds and an engaging user experience?

At Huddle, we understand the complexity of providing accurate odds for NFL player props, and we embrace this challenge by employing a comprehensive and proactive research and analysis strategy. By combining historical data, proprietary algorithms, weekly updates, and live game monitoring, we aim to deliver an unparalleled user experience that is both accurate and engaging for our users.

The bedrock of our analysis is represented by a large historical data set spanning 15 years of NFL play-by-play information. This wealth of data enables us to uncover trends, patterns, and key insights that contribute to the precision of our player prop offerings. Our proprietary algorithms stand at the forefront of our analytical approach. By considering a multitude of variables, including historical player statistics, team dynamics, playing conditions, and more, our algorithms enable us to generate projections that reflect the nuanced nature of NFL games.

However, recognizing the dynamic nature of the NFL, we update our projections on a weekly basis to ensure that our customers have access to the most current and relevant information. And, during live games, we elevate our monitoring capabilities with an additional layer provided by our dedicated trading team to  incorporating any other factors that may impact player performance.

3. In the competitive landscape of sports betting, how does your company plan to stay ahead in terms of innovation and adaptability, especially in relation to the NFL market?

Our commitment to staying ahead in the competitive landscape of sports betting, particularly in the NFL market, revolves around three core pillars: continuous technological advancement, the power of our proprietary algorithm, and collaborative partnerships.

Through continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies, we ensure that our platform remains at the forefront of innovation. This commitment allows us to enhance the user experience, improve the accuracy of our player projections, and offer a compelling betting proposition.

At the heart of our success is our toolkit of proprietary algorithms that empowers us to constantly iterate and promptly refine our products. This intelligence enables us to respond swiftly to shifts in the sports betting landscape, ensuring that our offerings align with the latest industry trends, and by working collaboratively with our partners provide a tailored experience that resonate with the end users.

4. What measures is your company taking to address responsible gambling concerns, particularly with the introduction of player props that may involve individual player performance?

Addressing responsible gambling concerns is a critical aspect of operating a sports betting platform, especially as you mentioned when introducing betting props that involve individual player performance. 

We actively engage in collaborative efforts with industry stakeholders, including regulatory bodies, other sports betting operators, and responsible gambling organizations. To ensure our betting offering aligns to the highest regulatory standards. And, we adhere strictly to the regulatory framework in the jurisdiction where we offer our products.

5. With the evolving legal and regulatory environment around sports betting, how do you anticipate these changes impacting your NFL sports betting product, and what strategies are in place to navigate potential challenges?

The regulatory landscape is already quite complex and it is challenging to navigate for operators. That’s why at Huddle we built a scalable and adaptable system to help our partners quickly adjust to the regulatory changes.

Some of the restrictions we have seen are centered around limiting betting activity on certain competitions, prop types, and geolocation. To address such requirements we have built our system following the principles of multi-tenant architecture that enable us in tailoring our NFL product to specific customer needs according to the operating jurisdiction.

6. What particular player prop market do you anticipate being the biggest winner for Huddle and why?

I anticipate an ever growing offering around player props with more exotic props being provided in the coming seasons. However, ultimately, wagering remains a form of entertainment fueled by the intrinsic interaction between decision-making and emotion in wagering. And, as such, in my opinion the biggest winners for Huddle will be the most relatable player props in NFL: Passing TD and Receiving Yds.

While the NFL is a team sport, it cannot be denied that there is considerable interest surrounding individual performances. And, this years we are seeing electrifying duos polarizing attention Mahomes - Kelce, Prescott - Lamb, and Tagovailoa - Hill to name a few.

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