Zero Latency Podcast – Listen to Huddle’s CEO, Francesco Borgosano

October 18, 2023

Zero Latency Podcast – Listen to Huddle’s CEO, Francesco Borgosano

Zero Latency is a new podcast from Eilers & Krejcik Gaming that takes a deeper look at key trends, news, and events impacting the U.S. online gambling industry, with insight from EKG analysts and special guests.

Huddle is sponsoring Zero Latency podcast and this week Francesco Borgosano spoke to Bradley Allen on:

  • Why the US market has been so tough for start-ups
  • How the merger with Deck Prism changed Huddle's perception in the US
  • Why pricing providers are fetching such big valuations 

Francesco talks about Huddle's SGP product, the complexity of it from the modeling perspective, and why we call Huddle's SGP, "True SGP."

"We're very proud of our SGP because it's what we call the true SGP, in the sense that everything that we're able to price as a straight market, we're able to combine. So that includes every type of market that you can think of. You can combine micro with player props, combine micro with a full game and so on. We're so excited about seeing our SGP going live." Francesco Borgosano, CEO at Huddle

Francesco and Brad touched base on the In-Play perspective of sports betting, the reasons behind the need for innovation from a user experience perspective when it comes to In-Play.

"In-play will eventually be the biggest revenue driver in the States. In the US, customers expect something different, especially when it comes to in-play - it will become much more engaging and much more dynamic" Francesco Borgosano, CEO at Huddle

Click below to listen the full podcast:

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