Huddle Obtains Indiana Supplier License

December 1, 2023

Huddle Obtains Indiana Supplier License

We're pleased to share some news! After months of hard work, we're proud to say that Huddle has been authorized to operate in Indiana!

Now, along with New York, Maryland, Tennessee, Kentucky, Colorado, New Jersey, Virginia, West Virginia, Iowa, Ohio, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, we hold permits to supply our services in 14 USA states, with more to come!

Securing a gambling license is a monumental undertaking, demanding unwavering dedication to precision, an unwavering commitment to adhering to the most exacting compliance standards, and countless hours of tireless effort. These licenses more than a piece of paper; they serve as the embodiment of our credibility, integrity, and our capacity to flourish within the dynamic landscape of the igaming industry.

We want to express our gratitude to our valued partners, Odds On Compliance, for their crucial support on our licensing journey

The Huddle system can be tailored to YOUR sportsbook needs

Huddle provides sportsbooks with a best-in-class solution that simultaneously increases revenue whilst maximizing user experience. Our cutting-edge technology combines with our world-class trading team to provide our partners with market-leading precision pricing, unrivaled uptime, and expansive betting markets. We provide both pre-play and in-play betting markets, next-generation same-game parlay systems, micro-betting options, and much more.