Huddle Announces New Partnership with Sportradar

October 3, 2023

Huddle Announces New Partnership with Sportradar

Huddle is delighted to announce we have signed a global agreement that allows us to use Official Data from Sportradar.

Huddle's partnership with Sportradar marks an exciting milestone in our mission to deliver an unparalleled odds feed solutions to our partners worldwide. With access to Official Data from Sportradar, we are poised to take our Odds Feed product to new heights, offering enhanced value and accuracy to both our current and future collaborators.

Our collaboration with Sportradar enables us to leverage the Official Data to optimize pricing strategies for a wide range of sports markets, including core, derivative, prop, and micro markets. This means that Huddle will be able to provide our partners with more precise and reliable odds across various sporting events.

Specifically, this agreement grants Huddle access to the official stadium data for the NHL, MLB, and NBA. This invaluable information will allow us to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate odds for these major sports leagues, enhancing the betting experience for fans and sports enthusiasts alike.

Huddle's global agreement with Sportradar is a significant step forward in our quest to provide top-tier odds feed solutions across the sports betting industry.

Dylan Mitchard, Huddle’s VP of Business Development: “Huddle's partnership with Sportradar opens the door to genuine product innovation, enabling us to harness the full potential of Sportradar's Official Data. In our unwavering pursuit of excellence, Huddle is excited to announce our pioneering collaboration with Sportradar, a global leader in Official Data. This transformative alliance empowers Huddle to enhance our Pricing and Trading product significantly. Through this partnership, Huddle's partners can provide their customers with the ultimate user experience, capitalizing on Huddle's unmatched uptime and a wide range of market types, from a comprehensive selection of Player Props to Micro Markets.”

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