Huddle Announces New Partnership with Betr

September 21, 2023

Huddle Announces New Partnership with Betr

Huddle is delighted to announce a partnership with Miami-based Betr Holdings, Inc., which owns and operates Betr Gaming and Betr Media. Betr Gaming owns and operates Betr Sportsbook and Betr Picks, while Betr Media operates an always on social media business and premium content franchises and is currently the fastest growing sports gaming focused media company in the United States.

The partnership between Huddle and Betr will initially cover the Betr Sportsbook product, with Huddle being integrated in V1 of the Betr Sportsbook which remains on track to launch next year. Betr will leverage Huddle’s technology to enhance core, derivative, and player markets on U.S. sports as part of the Betr Sportsbook V1 launch.

In doing so, Betr will reduce operational costs for its online sports betting (OSB) offerings while allowing Betr Sportsbook to utilize Huddle’s fully bespoke and custom trading service across pre-game and in-play. Huddle’s best-in-class uptime and minimal suspension times will lead to improved handle for Betr across its current and future real money gaming markets as both parties continue placing user satisfaction at the forefront of their operations. Betr will further see the benefits of Huddle traders’ visibility on sharp money and liquidity to help make strategic pricing and limit decisions set by Betr’s bespoke trading approach.  

Huddle is a next-generation technology provider for iGaming operators, dedicated to unlocking the full potential of this rapidly growing industry. Huddle’s cutting-edge automated odds feed solution offers fast, accurate pricing and trading services, helping operators increase turnover and drive margin; whilst reducing costs and managing risks. With fully customizable solutions and a range of markets available, Huddle is committed to meeting the unique needs of each individual operator. Supported by a strategic investment from Las Vegas Sands, Huddle is poised for global expansion and continued innovation in the iGaming space.

“We are delighted to have formed a partnership with Betr, Jake Paul’s and Joey Levy’s innovative gaming and media company,” said Leo Gaspar, Huddle’s Chief Business Development Officer. Betr is already making waves in Ohio, Massachusetts, and Virginia with their V0 beta product of the Betr Sportsbook and most recently in 24 additional jurisdictions with Betr Picks, and has ambitious plans for expansion. Their disruptive approach, leveraging social media and original creator-led content, has allowed them to achieve the lowest CPA in the U.S. gaming industry. We are honored to work with Betr and contribute to their vision of transforming the industry” 

Betr, founded by sports betting veteran Joey Levy and Jake Paul in 2022, began as the world's first microbetting-focused app, initially featuring a user experience focused on enabling users to predict the play-by-play outcomes of every sporting event including every play and drive of all NFL and College Football games, and every pitch and at-bat of all MLB games. Betr's app features a reimagined user interface layer, depicting the betting markets as more intuitive multiple-choice questions, while odds are displayed in easy-to-understand payout multiples to simplify users' sports betting experience.

The Company recently announced the launch of Betr Picks, a pick 'em style fantasy game to complement its existing real money and free-to-play online sports betting (OSB) product, Betr Sportsbook. The simple and intuitive real money fantasy pick 'em experience came shortly after Betr announced the acquisition of the Chameleon platform from FansUnite (TSX: FANS), which enabled Betr to enhance and accelerate its product roadmap. The Chameleon acquisition allows the company to develop its upcoming V1 OSB product, which will feature full sportsbook capabilities including pre-match and in-play core markets, parlays, same game parlays, futures, props, and other bet types, along with over 20 additional sports. The Company's current OSB product, which it refers to internally as V0, is a beta product that will continue to operate in Ohio, Massachusetts, and Virginia until V1 launches in H1 2024.

“We are excited to partner with Huddle to bolster V1 of the Betr Sportsbook, which we remain on track to launch next year,” said Joey Levy, Betr Founder and CEO. “This partnership with Huddle will accelerate our product roadmap and our path to product parity on the sportsbook side of the house. We are thrilled to partner with a team that has been innovating for a long time in regulated gaming and shares our perspective that we are in the early innings of product innovation in the U.S. market.”

In January 2023, Betr set a U.S. online sports betting record for fastest launch from company founding to a fully licensed & regulated real money betting product. Betr Gaming, which includes the company’s Betr Sportsbook and Betr Picks offerings, is currently active in 27 total U.S. jurisdictions. V0 of the sportsbook is now live in three jurisdictions after the recent Virginia launch, with plans to launch in several additional jurisdictions in 2024 in conjunction with the launch of V1 of Betr Sportsbook, while Betr Picks is live in 24 jurisdictions, already encompassing over half of the U.S. adult population. 

About Betr

Founded in 2022 by Joey Levy and Jake Paul, Betr is a leading sports betting and sports media company through Betr Gaming and Betr Media, respectively. Betr Gaming is an online sports betting and gaming business focused on a unique product experience with a simplified user experience that is catered to the casual sports fan, enabling Betr to capture more of the underpenetrated online gaming addressable market. Betr Gaming began with a microbetting-only online sports betting (OSB) product, allowing users to bet on individual plays and events – such as pass or rush on the next play in football or the outcome of the next pitch in baseball, and is expanding its OSB product offering to include additional markets with full sportsbook capabilities, as well as planning to expand into other real money gaming verticals. Betr Media is the fastest growing sports betting media brand in the United States that has grown to over 1.7 million followers, 1.7 billion impressions, and 84 million engagements across its social channels since publicly launching in August 2022. Betr is creating a unique flywheel by investing in content creators to drive brand awareness and affinity, which drives more audience and engagement with the Betr brand, allowing Betr to monetize its user base through a suite of gaming products which then enables further investment in content and brand affinity.