By The Numbers: Huddle’s Week 2 NFL Performance

September 19, 2023

By The Numbers: Huddle’s Week 2 NFL Performance

From the Eagles win on Thursday night football, through to the Saints going to an 2-0 on Monday night, the games were really tight, bettors could not relax on the wages due many close finishes. What wasn't close finish was Huddle performance in uptime vs rest of the market.

Every week on this blog, we champion the importance of uptime and ensuring that our partners offer their customers the best uptime and the best user experience to drive more turnover and reducing churn.

Suspension Reactivation: Huddle vs Market

Let's take a look at Huddle's suspension reactivation performance during the all Week 2 NFL games.

For 63% of the suspensions Huddle made, Huddle reopened its lines for betting within 20 seconds, compared to the market average of only 49%. Our reactivation rates have consistently outperformed our competitors' rates for extended periods too with 91% of Huddle's suspensions reactivated within 60 seconds.

Team at Huddle utilized our proprietary expert models to maximize uptime for client operators. Timely execution of critical tasks is paramount in an environment where every millisecond counts and we provide the right line at the right time, every time.

Amount of Time Suspended During Patriots vs Dolphins Game

During Sunday's prime time game between Patriots vs Dolphins, we analyzed the amount of suspended time that Huddle had compared to the market.

During the game that lasted 2 hours and and 51 minute, Huddle had, altogether, 18 minutes and 17 seconds of suspensions, while the market, on average, had 1 hour and 11 minutes of suspension time.

Huddle understands the importance of maximising uptime for clients and has implemented appropriate internal controls to prioritise this objective. Having the best uptime offered, equals to better user experience that our clients offer to their customers, driving more turnover and reducing churn.

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