By The Numbers: Huddle’s Week 2 College Football Performance

September 12, 2023

By The Numbers: Huddle’s Week 2 College Football Performance

In Week 2 of the NCAAF season, we witnessed an exciting array of games. Deion Sanders' Colorado once again delivered, dominating old rivals Nebraska, while Alabama were on the receiving end of a beating from their rivals Texas in Tuscaloosa.

And just like the Longhorns dominated Alabama, Huddle dominated its rivals when it comes to market uptime throughout the NCAAF week 2 games!

This By The Numbers report showcases Huddle's market-making capabilities and uptime performance across the College Football weekend.

Our analysis delves into Huddle's reactivation rates when it came to market suspensions during the week 2 games, while also shedding light on how our competitors are adapting their odds to align with Huddle's pricing.

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Suspension Reactivation: Huddle vs Market

For 61% of the suspensions Huddle made, Huddle reopened its lines for betting within 20 seconds, compared to the market average of only 22%.

What's more, our reactivation rates have consistently outperformed our competitors' rates for extended periods too with 89% of Huddle's suspensions reactivated within 60 seconds.

Huddle understands the importance of maximising uptime for clients and has implemented appropriate internal controls to prioritise this objective.

We put a lot of effort into making sure our systems are always up and running smoothly. Getting markets back on track quickly and being available all the time for our custmers are really important things we work hard on. Delivering an unparalleled customer experience is Huddle's top priority, and achieving exceptional uptime is at the core of Huddle's infrastructure design.

Market Making: Huddle vs Market

During the NCAAF week 2 games, the market aligned with Huddle's prices in over 56% of instances where Huddle Pricing differed from the market by more than 3%.

The figures are a testament to Huddle's prowess in shaping the market and setting the pace for others to follow. This outcome highlights Huddle's market-making ability and underlines its leading position in pricing. The data proves that Huddle has set the benchmark in pricing, and the rest of the market is following its lead.

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