By The Numbers: Huddle’s Uptime Performance, NFL Week 12

November 29, 2023

By The Numbers: Huddle’s Uptime Performance, NFL Week 12

We're back for Huddle's weekly round up of our pricing and uptime performance for NFL Week 12!

In this edition of "By The Numbers," we assess how Huddle's pricing compares to the market throughout the entirety of Week 12 in the NFL. We delve into the impressive uptime performance during the Ravens vs. Chargers matchup last week and analyse the entire uptime performance during week 12.

Ravens vs Chargers: Uptime Performance

During the game, Huddle vastly outperformed the market with only 2% suspension time compared to 19% as the market average. In a game that lasted almost 3 hours, Huddle's superior markets had a downtime of 4 minutes and 46 seconds, while the market had a downtime of 34 minutes and 56 seconds.

At Huddle, we consistently emphasize the significance of uptime. Maximizing the duration of live markets translates to increased opportunities for your customers to place bets. This not only enhances the overall customer experience but also minimizes churn and boosts your in-play revenue. Every week, we select a game to analyze the duration of Huddle's market suspensions compared to the market average.

During the entire NFL Week 12, Huddle vastly outperformed the market with only 6% suspension time compared to 13% as the market average. Anyone betting on the game in-play with Huddle's pricing would have had plenty of time to wager.

Market Making Data: NFL Week 12

The graphic below details how Huddle's pricing influenced the wider industry throughout the week's NFL action.

As you can see below, the market aligned with Huddle's prices in over 67% of instances where Huddle's pricing differed from the market by 3%.

This data sets Huddle apart as a market leader in pricing and uptime for pre-match and in-play betting. We combine an expert trading team with cutting-edge technology to ensure our partners keep an edge over their competitors. Reach out HERE to find out how we can integrate with your sportsbook.