By The Numbers: Huddle’s Pricing, NFL Week 8

November 3, 2023

By The Numbers: Huddle’s Pricing, NFL Week 8

Week 8 of the NFL season provided fans with some incredible matchups and played host to one of the biggest upsets of the season as the Kansas City Chiefs lost to the Denver Broncos on NFL Sunday. Throughout the week, Huddle was constantly tracking our pricing to ensure we were providing accurately priced, market-leading odds to our partners. Let's dive into the data and unpack how Huddle performed against the market.

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Huddle traders work in collaboration with our cutting-edge technology to provide precision pricing for every minute of game time. Combined with our market-leading uptime, our accurate pricing model keeps our partners customers in the game for longer - increasing revenue and reducing churn.

During last week's NFL action, the market aligned with Huddle's prices in over 59% of instances where Huddle pricing differed from the market by more than 3%. This data shows how strong Huddle's position in pricing is and provides evidence displaying Huddle as the market leader in setting pricing. Reach out to see how Huddle can integrate with your sportsbook today.

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