By The Numbers: Huddle’s Pricing, NFL Week 13

December 6, 2023

By The Numbers: Huddle’s Pricing, NFL Week 13

We're back for Huddle's weekly round up of our pricing and uptime performance for NFL Week 13.

Huddle's "By The Numbers" series reviews Huddle's pricing vs. the market for the entirety of NFL Week 13 and also takes a look at the strong uptime performance for Vikings vs Bears game last week.

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Pricing: Huddle vs Market

The graphic below details how Huddle's pricing influenced the wider industry throughout the week's NFL action.

As you can see below, the market aligned with Huddle's prices in over 71% of instances where Huddle's pricing differed from the market by 5%.

This shows that Huddle is exceptional at influencing the market and confirms its strong position in pricing. The data proves that Huddle sets the standard for pricing, and other operators in the market follow its example.

Huddle traders work in collaboration with our cutting-edge technology to provide precision pricing for every minute of game time. Combined with our market-leading uptime, our accurate pricing model keeps our partners customers in the game for longer - increasing revenue and reducing churn.

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Uptime Performance: Vikings vs Bears

During the game, Huddle vastly outperformed the market with only 7% suspension time compared to 18% as the market average. Through the entirety of the game, Huddle's superior markets had a downtime of 12 minutes and 10 seconds, while the market had a downtime of 30 minutes and 10 seconds.

At Huddle, we consistently emphasize the significance of uptime. Maximizing the duration of live markets translates to increased opportunities for your customers to place bets. This not only enhances the overall customer experience but also minimizes churn and boosts your in-play revenue.

Every week, we select a game to analyze the duration of Huddle's market suspensions compared to the market average.