By The Numbers: Huddle Performance During NFL Divisional Round

January 23, 2024

By The Numbers: Huddle Performance During NFL Divisional Round

Over the weekend, the Ravens and 49ers secured their places in the conference championship round by defeating the Houston Texans and Green Bay Packers, respectively.

Kansas City managed to overcome Buffalo in the chilly western New York, following the Detroit Lions' hard-fought victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Let's review Huddle's pricing vs. the market for the entirety of weekends games and also take a look at the strong uptime performance for Bills vs Chiefs game.

Analyzing Huddle's Bills vs. Chiefs Uptime Performance

During this game, Huddle outperformed the market with only 7% suspension time compared to 12% as the market average. Through the entirety of the game, Huddle's superior markets had a downtime of 14 minutes and 4 seconds, while the market, on average, had a downtime of over 21 minutes.

Throughout By The Numbers series, we talked a lot about uptime: the true meaning it brings to the sportsbook operator given that financial implications are substantial and hard to ignore, especially when you put these numbers and percentages into context.

Maximizing uptime, as Huddle successfully does week after week, is a game-changer for sportsbook operators. Every minute counts, especially during critical events like the NFL playoffs and the highly anticipated Super Bowl.

A reliable infrastructure that Huddle offers, ensures that users can place bets, access real-time odds, and engage in live betting without disruptions, that way enhancing customer satisfaction and trust. The impact of higher uptime is magnified during the culmination of the NFL season. Final result: improving user experience and increasing overall revenue for a sportsbook.

Let's break it down:

If an operator extends in-play betting by an extra 7 minutes during a game, as Huddle did in this case, it could significantly affect the operator's turnover. During a prime-time game, an extra 7 minutes could result in additional $3 milion (aprox.) in turnover for a sportsbook. The calculations are made on basis if an average tier 1 sportsbook has an avarage in-play bet amount for one game of $75 milion.

If Huddle continues to sustain its current level of uptime during the upcoming prime time games, the financial impact could be significant for a sportsbook, leading up to the Super Bowl, as well as during the Super Bowl itself.

Pricing: Huddle vs Market during NFL Divisional Round

The graphic above details how Huddle's pricing influenced the wider industry throughout the NFL Regular Season Finale. As you can see on the graph, the market aligned with Huddle's prices in over 58% of instances where Huddle's pricing differed from the market by 3%.

This data proves that Huddle sets the standard for pricing, and other operators in the market follow suit.

Huddle stands out as a leader in pricing and uptime for both pre-match and in-play betting. We achieve this by combining a skilled trading team with advanced technology, ensuring our partners stay ahead of their competition.

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