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About the role

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You will be responsible for the technical delivery of our backend platform. You will work closely with the technical team to design and implement the most suitable solutions. You will help define technical standards and culture from the very beginnings of the company. You will cover not only the development but also oversee its operational deployment.

We embrace DevOps values and want to enable our teams to build and ship with a minimal amount of friction. You will be instrumental in the growth and scaling of the Engineering function in Huddle.
Your qualifications

We are looking for professionals with these required skills to achieve our goals:

  • Good experience with Java and JVM. Journeyman experience (either professionally or some professional experience after university) in applying knowledge of code style, core readability, design patterns, SOLID design principles, used to code reviews, delivering code covered by tests, able to test and debug your code.
  • Good experience dealing with micro-service architectures.
  • Comfort working within an agile development cycle and exposure to:
    • Git and versioning software
    • Build systems, mainly Maven and common build tools.
    • Jenkins or similar CI/CD.
  • Basic experience with developing application in the Cloud. Experience with OCI or AWS is a plus. Familiarity of using Kubernentes and Docker is a plus.
  • Extensive experience with the following technologies:
    • SQL and NoSQL databases. Preference to PostgreSQL, being comfortable with SQL is important.
    • Messaging Systems; pub-sub with Kafka, less emphasis on queue base systems like JMS or AMQP with RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ but a plus.
    • Definition and implementation of REST APIs; JAX-RS, Spring MVC or others.
    • External caches, mainly focused on Redis.
    • Cluster management tools, main focus on Kubernetes.
Nice to have

The following characteristics would be a plus:

  • Relevant business experience in the industry.
  • Experience in implementing reactive systems and streams like Reactor or Akka Streams.
  • Experience in implementing CQRS/ES systems.
  • Experience with functional programming and streams.
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The Application process

Our most usual application and selection process looks like this:


based on your LinkedIn profile or CV. We are interested in your experience and roles on previous projects, your motivation, and your drivers, not just your skills. You’ll have a lot of opportunities anyway for learning and building up your skills.

Intro call

where you get a chance to meet up with our People and Culture team member and either the hiring manager or one of the seniors from the team. Since this is our first date, and expectations go both ways, we want to answer all thernimportant questions.


usually follows up after the Intro call, and it allows us to get deeper into the technical side, as well as your way of thinking. There is no perfect solution, only the right attitude – so simply do your best!

Technical interview

is our second date where we discuss the task, pick your brain around it, and learn how you approached the task and the challenges you might have encountered. Also, this is the right time and place to ask any unanswered questions we both might have, as we really want to make sure it feels like the best match on both ends.


is our favorite date, especially if it is a green light on both ends because we get to seal the deal with our offer, pop up the champagne, and send you the Welcome to Huddle email shortly afterward.

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    What Huddlers say

    Darko Britvec
    Development Lead

    “I like working at Huddle because I’m surrounded with a lot of positive and enthusiastic people. The working atmosphere is really encouraging. Huddle really cares about their employees, and supports them in their careers. Everyone knows what they are doing and are trying torn be the best in their field. There are not a lot of distractions so you can really focus on your work to provide the best solution for any problem.”

    Gary McCormack
    Quantitative Analyst

    “I’ve worked with Huddle from the beginning. The culture is great and the company hierarchy means that my voice is always heard. Huddle has provided me with great opportunities to develop my analytical skills; be it coding, mathematics, or analysis. I believe in the product, the vision, and our success.”

    Paul Moen
    Sports Risk Supervisor

    “I enjoy learning from colleagues who demonstrate unique competencies. Our Team is constantly improving the quality of service and offerings to clients. When I think about my time at Huddle, I am certain this is a place where I have grown both professionally and personally.”

    Maja Puček
    Quantitative Analyst

    “The best part of the company are the people from whom you can learn a lot and who are always ready to help. They make the atmosphere at work always positive and inspiring, so coming to work is a real pleasure. Through my work, I’m always learning and expanding my knowledge and problem-solving skills. I feel valued as a team member and am excited to continue to be a part of this dynamic organization”

    Ana Klasnić
    Product Designer

    “I am really grateful for the opportunities I get in Huddle; helping me push my limits, learn and grow as a designer. I am developing my skills through complex problem-solving in safe and friendly environment, all along the support from our furry four-legged colleagues.”