Supporting you to deliver memorable experiences, business growth and healthier ecosystems through the right technology and deep gaming industry know-how.

Unlocking innovation to meet consumer demand

Advanced technology that is right for the job

Flexible software that fits your business needs

Built for the challenges of a global gaming market

New markets are opening up for your business. We’ll help you reach customers with better products. All while keeping your risks and costs as low as possible.

Our team of industry experts, quantitative developers and software engineers are ready to solve your challenge.

Lowering risks for you, bringing new experiences to your customers

Running a gaming business can be costly and risky. Competition is always fierce and regulations keep getting more complex.

We have a long, successful history in the field. Everything we build is made to meet your challenges. So you can grow, innovate and focus on what matters to your customers the most.

Customer-centric product development

Our experience helps us understand your customers. We’re also passionate sports and gaming fans ourselves, and that drives our product development. So you can offer pioneering gaming experiences and grow your customer base.

Data-driven and algorithmic solutions

We build our software leveraging state-of-the-art technology to unlock the full value of large datasets and predictive algorithms. This means you can manage your operations with confidence, protect your margin and increase your revenue.

Easy to scale, modular software design

We adopt best practices and follow the principles of modular software design. This enables you to safely and effectively expand into new territories – staying compliant and offering relevant products and services.

Built for the challenges of a global gaming market

The gaming industry is booming across the world, but regulations are more complicated than ever. We want you to have the power to operate in multiple jurisdictions, manage your brands easily and unlock opportunities.

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